News & Insights | News | 24 December 2019

You should always make time to assess the real balance of power before you go into your negotiation. Considering the negotiation from both sides of the table could yield you more power than you first thought.

Sometimes you will find yourself in situations where you walk into a negotiation thinking you have less power than the other party. The task might seem titanic and extremely difficult.

The first step before entering a major negotiation should always be to realistically assess how much power you really have. At The Gap Partnership, we have found that in 95% of the instances people ask us for our help with their negotiations, they have underestimated the amount of power they really have. It is common to look at circumstances and challenges from your own perspective and dismiss the pressures that the other party faces. Hence, the balance of power is perceived to be against you.

Power is a key factor in negotiation. The more power you have, the more options you have.

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