News & Insights | News | 02 January 2020

Always do a realistic assessment of the amount of power that you have. Sometimes you cannot change objective circumstances, but you can definitely change the way you prepare and manage a negotiation process in order to make those circumstances less relevant.

Let’s assume that you did your diligent assessment of the balance of power and it turns out to be against you, what can you do?

You need to be realistic and realize that even though you do have alternatives, in the worst case scenario (the situation becomes really tense and the other party stays intransigent), it is likely that you will have to concede more than the other party.

But before coming to that point, you have several alternatives that you can consider and here the key is preparation.

Prepare everything! What you are going to say; how you are going to move; what messages you are going to send before sitting down at the negotiation table? etc.

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